Catz 5.0

Developed by Focus Multimedia Limited

In this simulation game you will be adopting and raising a cute kitten of your own, but in a virtual world so you won't have to face the inconveniencies!
Together, you and your new cuddly companion will encounter a world that’s fun to play in, explore and share. Try to keep your dog away from your computer, just in case!
This product has two main goals to accomplish: create a virtual mate for those who needs it; and letting users know what it takes to to take care of another living creature.

Here's a list of the most remarkable features for new and previous users of Catz:
* You will be able to pick your favourite kitten from seven adorable breeds, real-life and fantasy breeds.
* You'll have to care for and dress up your kitten with plenty of accessories to make him look adorable.
* You'll be able to Interact with your pets, bathe them and entertain them with over a dozen toys.
* You'll be able to play fun games like tag and hide and seek.
* You'll have to keep a daily diary where you can show off your badges and pet photos as well as writing in your thoughts.

About system requirements, here is a list of them for you to check out before buying this program:
* Operating System: Windows® XP / Vista
* CPU Type and Speed: Pentium® III 800 or equivalent
* Hard Drive Space (MB): 2GB
* RAM Memory: 512MB
* Graphics: Any 128MB graphics card
* Audio: Any sound card

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